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Are you looking for a reliable office sevice?

You just got it !!!

And you shouldn’t think that your customers may doubt of you because you hired the services of someone else – instead of mounting your “own” premises. Have you ever thought that you may “sell” the positive aspects to your customer:

  • You can offer better prices for your services to your customers, saving the expensive overheads of a complete office infrastructure.
  • Your customers can reach “you” at any time – even when you’re out serving another project. Your customer can be confident that you will be informed reliably .
  • You will not be disturbed by other phone calls, if you happen to be with your customer – because “your office” will handle those calls and inform you via SMS.

Maybe you should also know, that we have been the very first office-service here in Germany. If you see the Yellow Pages of 1981 – you’ll find only one service provider – and we had to intruduce this branch explicitly in the Yellow Pages. Since than, more office-service companys appeared and became big (paid by their customers) and others disappeared soon, leaving their customers unattended. We have persisted with our customers from the very first days, offering a reliable and steady service. And we shall be delighted if you become our customer too…. Simply calculate how much you could save using our services. If you need a pocket calculator to do so, just ask for it – and for more information ! . . . . .