JSP Gruppe

The Team

The members of our team are as different as international:  From Italy, Poland, Germany or Spain – all of them stand jointly and confess our company’s philosophy:  „SERVICE“.  More precisely:  Full Service and Customer Care.

The team not only takes advantage from the different languages and cultures, but the synergy sum of the different professional skills favor our customers:  several technical and natural science diplomas, the professional education as Industrial Sales Management Assistant or Commercial Information Technology,  skills of interpreting and translation as well as solid sales and entrepreneurial training and experience in business consulting and advertising.

The fact that the sickness index of our staff is far below average and that many employees have been with the company for a long time may be taken for the “family values” in the team, which also turn into benefit for our customers.

And of course we should not forget all our professional promoters and skilled sales agents “outside” at our direct on-site promotions:

– Experienced freelancers, able to present and promote best a new product at the point of sale,

– Highly motivated -mostly younger- special forces, capable to distribute a product dynamically within sampling promotions,

– Attentive supervisors to ensure the quality of the performance of an event and possibly also enthusiastic local managers for nationwide events.