JSP Gruppe


You may want to translate a simple letter or an official document – it will be done quickly and conscientiously.   Short texts can usually be done overnight.

In case of translating of a letter,  we usually privide a “doc”- document, then you can use it easily for further processing.

For official documents and certified translations in particular you get a regular printout with the formula of certification and as part of the service the original is either copied on the reverse side or attached firmly.

And you may get a free second  -and if necessary: third-  copy of the original translation  (thus you will have a real and equal “reserve” if the original translation is given away ….).

Our verification formula is commonly accepted for all official documents that you want to present to officials or be used in North Rhine – Westfalia.  We can also arrange for a so-called “legalization of the certification”, then the signature and authorization of the translator will be additionally recognized with the seal of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne and the signature of the President or Vice President of the Court of Appeal. This is then nationwide and accepted even in foreign offices or consulates. (But it costs an additional three days and a few Euros …)