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Jens-U.H. Schweitzer       Inhaber / CEO

Jens-U.H. Schweitzer, Owner/ CEO


Nice to see you

How can I help you?

You are looking for someone to help you reliably to recover the VAT you had to pay in Germany?

You have found him!!!

Since 17 years we are operating successfully for our foreign customers.

If you decide to join our VAT-reclaim services, we will:

  • Check all incoming documents according to the legal requirements  (Formal invoice depending on each amount, tax ID-number of the issuer, plausibility of the amounts, reimbursability with this VAT-refund procedure).
  • Correct those documents who do not comply,  or we will send it to the issuer of the invoice for correction.
  • Fill in the corresponding forms properly.
  • Check the validity of your tax Certificate (or ask for a new one).
  • Scan all your documents to prevent possible uncertainties or incorrect treatments.
  • Arrange the whole set to be delivered by courier to the Finance Ministry.
  • Check the official notification and the reimbursed amounts.
  • Re-send your accounting documents to you after the finalization of the procedure.
  • Transfer the corresponding  amounts to your bank account.

And this will cost you only 9% flat commissiononly on success. This might be the lowest rate in the world.

Please read carefully the F.A.Q. to get full information. Then follow the steps at “What do I have to do now?”

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