JSP Gruppe

about us

We started in 1981 as an international engineering company with a specific consulting area for foreign entrepreneurs. Time and again we were asked about the tedious process to obtain the reimbursement of the “Value Added Tax” paid in Germany for the services like fair participation, hotel accomodation, gasoline a.s.o.  And thus we started to help our customers in a professional way. From this practice emerged the independent division called “VAT-Reclaim”.

Since 1993,  we assist professionally foreign enterprises to recover the VAT they paid in Germany. And mostly with good results.

Evidence shows that we paid out several million Deutschmarks and Euros to our customers. Currently, we are serving the customer number 743.

From Europe, our sphere of activity and customers has extended to North America and Far East.

We developed one of the easiest and probably the cheapest fee structure for our performance:

  • We only charge a maximum of   8 Percent of the recovered amount, and
  • We charge our fees   only on success.

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