JSP Gruppe

17. Is there some way to speed up the reclaim procedure within the ministry?

If someone promises this, it’s NONSENSE.

You may be very very careful in such case, because it is unlawful and illegal and is considered bribery, if someone says that he can speed up the claims of “his” customers within the ministry.

Yes, indeed – it takes a long time.  Too long.

On the other hand, from now on, you may get an interest for every full month of duration  – if more than 6 months after the completion of the claim. That is, 0.5% for each full month. Not much, but we will forward this interest fully to you and not keep any part of it.

You will get a full copy of the official notification including the interests – if any.

The only possibility to facilitate the process within the ministry is to prepare all documents decently and to make things plausible. That is our job and you may look at the Checklist to assist us. And if you observe the item 7 and 8 of the explanation to the questionnaire , it might be helpful to prepare your claim.

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