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03. Which bills and receipts can be presented for reclaiming the V.A.T. ?


All invoices containing German VAT and basically all expenses related to your business activity, such as transportation inside Germany (train or bus or taxi), hotel expenses, restaurant invitations to business friends,cleaning or personnel for your presentation stand, deco­ration, catering, catalo­gue insertion or publicity, parking expenses, presentation costs, car rental a.s.o.  Only expenses for gasoline and fuel cannot be claimed by non-EC-countries. Due to a change in Tax legislation, costs related to a fair may be without VAT – and therefore there is nothing to claim from such invoices.
Answering this question, we sometimes propose what we call the “shoe-box-method”. Don’t throw away any paper, receipt, voucher, bill or whatever you get when paying some expense (and you should ever ask for receipts!. Then put everything in a shoe-box –  take out the shoes – send the box. We will sort out what can be claimed and include everything legally possible. Don’t waste your time, we know easily what can be included in the claim.

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