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As with all official things – you need forms

Obviously necessary is the  Application form itself,  and it must be this German form. The important text is the upper part of the second page: and this you will find translated at the lower part of our questionnaire: “The businessman declares….”   You have to sign this form where indicated (see example) and put a stamp of your enterprise (if you don’t have a rubber stamp, you may put the blind seal or else). The signature must be of the owner or legal (!) representative, not just an empowerd officer of the company.

The Questionnaire is necessary, because we need to know who you are and how to communicate with you.  And as you may want your money finally, you should let us know the details for the bank transfer.

The Authorization form is necessary to represent your enterprise towards the German Tax Administration, but strictly limited to this VAT-reclaim procedure. It is not necessary to have a public notarization of the authorization signature, it should be signed by the same person signing the application form.

Please print all those forms on paper, sign and stamp and send them together with your accounting documents and the Tax Certificate.

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