JSP Gruppe

Commission only 9 %

→ We have probably the best rates around!

We know that other agencies do not publish their “prices” and hide their extra fees. They might tell you only after enquiry – but our price model is extremely simple simple and absolutely convincing:

For all claims entered after August 2015:

1. We work exclusively on success

– that is:  no money for you  –> no money for us.

(OK, that’s not so new, others promise the same…..)

2. We charge  only 9 % of the reimbursed amount,

and there will be no basic charge and no hidden additional fee.

(If the amount exceeds 20.000 Euro, it will be  8% thereafter).

And of course, nothing will be charged before the refund procedure is done and the reimbursed amount has reached our fiduciary account..

You will never be asked to advance any payment to us..

Thus it’s simple to calculate yourself how much you’ll get if you do your claim through us.

We think, that this is nothing to be hidden. You may just compare to others……

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