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What do I have to do now ?


1) Completion of the questionnaire from JSP-OfiCenter, in order to enable us to complete the forms required by the German Tax Authorities in your name. If there are any questions about the significance of certain items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2) Please stamp and sign the original German application form („Antrag auf Vergütung…“). (Leave the rest blank)

3) Don’t forget the original copy of the tax certificate from your finance authorities (with you company’s name and address, nature of activity and tax-number).

very important – new requirement: Please make sure that the Tax Certificate mentions explicitly the period for which it shall be valid, i.e. the time or the date (months), when you had your expenses in Germany. example: “valid for the year 2012” or: “Tax Year 2012”

4) Enclose the original German invoices.

5) Sign and stamp the Authorization of representation.

Send us all the documentation by registered mail or courier to the address stated at the end of this page.

Once we receive the reimbursement on your behalf, we will immediately proceed to send the original documents and transfer the money to your foreign account, minus our agreed commission and the banking charges. Upon request, we may also send a bank check, to be entered in any account worldwide.

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